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   Janel Fei is a graphic designer currently an MFA Design candidate at the USC Roski School of Art and Design. She received her BA in  Fine Arts & Graphic Design from the California State University, Northridge, in 2019.  Her graphic art demonstrates a clean, simple, streamlined design aesthetic.

      Her design experience, She did a designer internship at Lily Xu Studio Inc. She helped the Chief Designer modify renderings, choose stylings, and purchase proper furniture and materials for clients. She also actively understood the prevailing design trends at the time and actively participated in every interior. Designed projects, conducted individual research on materials and consumption, communicated in detail with overseas suppliers, and compared material prices for multiple projects. In 2019, he also worked as a designer at Shunya International Inc., Responsible for Participating in the TVC plan of Guangming dairy and Weibo Design Pictures for Shenzhen Airlines.

And she is also very good at teaching assistance, good at supervision and management of learning, can implement teaching opinions and measures, play a role as a model, and manage the affairs of education, including daily attendance, learning guidance, statistics, and official feedback results. Jiapin is good at planning and implementing knowledge competitions, learning discussions, and cultivating organizational skills and teamwork spirit.

She can use computers proficiently, such as using Microsoft Office software (PPT / Excel / Word) and CAD software, such as InDesign, Photoshop, and Illustrator. She is fluent in spoken English and can listen, speak and listen to English by living independently abroad. Read, write and translate, and be able to work in an English environment. She has excellent eloquence and communication skills.

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